dreams of dyon

by Human Program

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buncha bullshit recorded by dyon in the village. dyon likes artists from nagamatzu to flying burrito broz and really loves to make music for you.


released June 27, 2017

dyon- the sounds and words

rachel- synth on "cowgirl on the moon"
nick- geetar on "assembly"



all rights reserved


Human Program Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: C-V
what are the constants
what are the variables
it won't stop dripping
becoming malleable
the air is more than dense
osmiums no defense
i wanna crawl inside
the boots of every french girl
and let myself be crushed
cuz i am american

they're studying our scents
they brought us here for entertainment

slithering up and down
mont royal and clark
there were figures staring at me
from the park
i asked for a bit of wisdom
and they saw me for what i am
a wretched spawn of earth
who deserves to be hanged

i'll be yr jester doll
just dont behead me
ill let you laugh at the smell
that clouds around me
Track Name: The Fly
my attics dripping with the insects from the trees
safety in numbers only works if you have the need
i washed the world out of my ripped up black jeans
the devil kissed my neck and told me to get clean
an average day capped off with an average night
no blood was spilled, just my guts, it was nice
perfume to cover up the stench of dog fights
a lick of poison boots then it's off into the night
what do you know about the needs of the fly?
Track Name: Assembly
angel wears a robe
with a jeweled neckline
purity and grace
all are meaningless
every seasons apex
is left in torment,
every written index
is inked with corpses
i am not given to acts of dogma
i have seen the works
done under the cruel sun
i have avoided error, and observed distortion
iniquity pervades
and doles out portions
of human effort

machines are broken

Track Name: Tram 83
sleeping underneath a flag
in a room full of dolls
never short on oxygen
diva hanging on
lucien and requiem
i can be free on tram 83
let my dreams die in peace